Weybridge Mobile Massage

Price List

Please find below the price list as my rates for the professional mobile massage treatments.

My prices reflect the level of service you will receive. I endeavour to provide you with the best professional massage therapy with all the care and attention you deserve. I use the most advanced and world-class massage techniques with high-quality products..
Massage Type60 minutes90 minutes120 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage£75£95£120
Sport Massage£80£100£125
Swedish Massage£70£90£115
Therapeutic Mixed Massage£75£95£120
Anti Stress Relax Massage£70£90£115
Frozen Shoulder Therapy£75£95£120
Anti Cellulite Massage£75£95£120
Body Brush & Scrub Massage£70£90£115

I will bring everything required (such as a massage table with fresh & clean cover, high-quality oil, oil gel or lotion, music) to provide you with a complete service at your home.

I am usually available 7 days a week from 7am to 8pm. However, any appointment starts after 6 pm, requires you to pay evening charge as an extra £10 on the top of the treatment fee.

Please contact me to make an appointment which is the most convenient for you.
You can also use the Online Booking System.

Call or text me and I will reply as soon as I can. You can also reach me via email or simply by using the form on the contact me page.


You can pay in cash (Pounds) direct to me after the treatment. However, if you would prefer to make a payment using PayPal you can pay in advance. Once you are booked for a session you can click on the button below and fill in the correct amount in the box of your chosen session fee then click the submit.

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